Hospital Visitations

Coordinator: Pr. Richard Leseganich

Phone: 239.995.0133

We value the opportunity to offer prayer and support when you are a patient in the hospital. When we are present, we can offer gifts of healing through conversation, prayer, anointing, and the sacrament. It is a joy to spend these times with you.

You are a partner with us in providing spiritual care. At present, changes to the Lee Health patient database have altered the information Pastor Rich and Deacon John may access, specifically the religion code you have in your file as a patient. Unless you specifically put Messiah as your congregation, they will not be able to see your information. In discerning best practices, your notification to the parish office would be appreciated. It would help us greatly and ensure that you are visited when you are in the hospital or seek pastoral care. Appropriate means of communicating your spiritual needs are by telephoning the church office at 239-995-0133 or using the visitation form on our website, which can be found at