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Blessings and Miracles Abound

Today is a day of unexpected blessings and miracles, signs of how God is active and alive and present in our world and in our lives when we are open and receptive to the possibilities. We hear, read about, and experience healing. Fragile relationships are restored. Hope is experienced in profound ways. Naaman, a commander and mighty warrior, suffers from leprosy, and even though he first denies the cure, Naaman accepts the advice of his servant, and by God’s action, his skin and its disease is washed clean. Also afflicted with leprosy, ten lepers implore God’s mercy and are made clean. But the outsider—the foreigner—is the only one who returns to give thanks. Today many of us encounter other hardships of all sorts, and our reading in 2 Timothy makes the stark point that we all suffer. But our God joins us in our sufferings and in our hardships, making us whole through our spiritual cleansing of baptism and filled with God’s Spirit.

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