Civic Life and Faith

Civic Life and Faith


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Session 1
February 21, 2023

How is God’s Invitation to Discipleship Lived out in a Democracy?

Discerning together as a people of grace: an introduction to social statements,
the study, civic topics, and the gift of unity as God’s people in dialogue,
even when there is disagreement.

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Session 2
February 28

How Do Christians Address Controversial Civic Issues?

Discerning what we believe individually and as a church.

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Session 3
March 7

What are Lutheran Views on Civic Life

Discerning common Lutheran theological themes regarding civic life.

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Session 4
March 14

What are the Objectives of Democracy in the United States?

Discerning the goals of our evolving constitutional democracy

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Session 5
March 21

What’s Faith-based Living Got to Do With Civic Life?

Discerning the callings of discipleship, both corporate and individual.

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Session 6
March 28

How Do We Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord in Civic Life?

Discerning how discipleship shapes our participation in civic life
in a Complicated world.

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